Wedding Speech

When it comes to writing a speech there are no rules for the presentation, your content or the duration.  You need to make sure that it  contains Thanks to the groom on behalf of the wedding party and a toast to the new couple.  A successful speech will require a great deal of effort on your part however with some help from our experts and some fine tuning, you should be able to come up with a flawless presentation that reflects your personality and succeeds in getting your point across.

Now that you've been asked to make a speech, start making some notes.  You may want to write about something funny that happened in your past or awards and achievements in the grooms life.  Ask his friends, parents, business associates, even the bride to get the most details or possible stories to use at the reception.

Once you have written down your notes, you should start writing your speech.  Start with something funny or a story that would capture the guests attention. Something that is about the groom. 

For instance, Our Pastor at our church was talking about dog obedience and how he and his fiancÚ had to go to the final class for the dog to graduate.  He went into detail about missing 4 out of 8 classes.  On the final day, he shows up with the dog, only to discover that he has to take a test with the dog.  He prayed that he would have to go first as he was not aware of the commands to use, as his fiancÚ watched.  They asked him to walk the dog, run the dog, have the dog sit, ect.  When the final test came, the instructor asked the Pastor to "circle".  The pastor thought that it meant for him to walk around the dog, however, it really meant for the dog to walk around him.  He had never been so embarrassed in his life.  We need to say he graduated, but was a little embarrassed in front of his fiancÚ for that blunder.

This would be an excellent example to use about the Groom in your speech.  Once you've caught their attention, use information about the couple and how they met, end it with an encouraging word for the couples future and Toast.

When writing you speech sure it contains the following:

1.  An amusing Story

2.  Grooms Date of Birth, Even the Brides

3.  Talk about his childhood, what he was like and what he aspired to be.

4.  Who was his first date.. first girlfriend, first kiss, first real love...

5.  What's he like at work compared to what he like off work hours.

6.  Any embarrassing stories about his past, something funny he may have recently done.

7. When did the Bride and Groom Meet? when was the first time he tried to hold her hand, when was their first kiss, where did he propose, how did he propose, how far out of his way did he go to propose

8.  End this with a Toast to their future and the hope they will have alot of children together...

9.  Wrap it up with how much your friendship means to each other and how honored you are to be not only his best friend but his best man.

10.  Send out your final toast  to the couple and wish them well in their new life together.

Wedding Speech Help

Bachelor Party Speeches
Speech by best friend to bride-to-be
Speech by best friend to the groom-to-be
Speech of reply by bride to be
Speech of reply by the Groom to be


Engagement Party Speeches
To the happy couple by the groom's father/mother (or the bride's)
Reply and thanks to the host and guests by bride/groom and toast to the other family
Thanks and toast to hosts by the other family

Best man Speeches
Best Man Speech Examples Several to choose from


Father of the Bride Speeches
Example 1
A Marriage Certificate Is..
We are so Proud of our Daughter...
What my father in law said at my wedding...What are you looking for in marriage
They will not eat chocolate until their wedding day...
We are all here to be present at the happy occasion of the
Example from the Father of the Bride to his not so little girl

Matron Of Honors Speech
Matron of Honor Speech

Grooms Speech
Grooms Speech to everyone
Grooms Toast to the Brides Parents
Grooms Reply to Father in Laws Toast
Grooms Speech to his new wife
Another Grooms Speech to everyone

Speeches given by family friends
Longer, personalized speech by old friend or relative when bride's father is present but does not make a speech
Relative's/friends speech when the bride's father is recently deceased
Suitable for an older man addressing a large,  distinguished audience

Toasts to the Bride and Groom
Maid of Honor
Matron of Honor Speech
brief toast at an informal wedding party
a brief, simple, direct speech for the bride's father
4 example speeches by fathers
Longer, personalized speech by old friend or relative when bride's father is present but does not make a speech
Relative's/friends speech when the bride's father is recently deceased
Suitable for an older man addressing a large,  distinguished audience
By the best man or best girl

Toasts to the Brides Parents
Groom's Speech, replying to first toast to bride and groom, longer, humorous speech.

Toast to Bridegroom and both families
Informal toast by the bride.

Toast to the Bridesmaids
Grooms speech in reply to toast to the bride and groom, a brief but sincere speech
Reluctant father-in-law's speech

Toast to Grooms Family
By the Bride's father, replying to the groom's toast to the bride's parents who are hosts, giving personal family marriage details

Toast to the Bride and Groom Second Marriage
Short, happy, slightly humorous speech for a bride enjoying her first marriage to a divorced man
Short, happy, slightly humorous speech when the groom is marrying for the first time to a divorced woman.
Sincere speech by a friend on the occasion of a second or third marriage where both parties have been divorced or widowed at least once

Wedding Toasts Examples
To My Husband
To our best friends
From the Parents
To the Parents

Miscellaneous Speeches
Religious Family Wedding Speech
Brothers Speech
General Friends Wedding Speech
Pre Wedding Speeches

Joke and Anecdotes and what to avoid

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The more you can relate your quotations to your audience and the people you are praising in your speech, the more interested and flattered they will feel. If the only quotation you can find is not very relevant or complimentary, adapt it.

Quotations  suitable for delivery in a speech.

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