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In early Feb. I ordered a well-known manufacturer MOB dress. I paid the top of the line price, in addition to a "rush fee" to be certain that the dress arrived for a May wedding. The dress has arrived, and there appears to be a huge problem with the quality of the sewing.

I went out of my way to find a store that carried this dress in a size 10, and it fit me perfectly. I did not order the dress from this particular store, because the owner was insistent that I could not get the color that I wanted.

Another store was happy to order me a size 10 dress in the color that I wanted. There store model was a 12, and it was huge on me. The 10 dress has arrived, and the color is exactly what I wanted, but it fits horrendously!

When I tried it on in the store, the attendant immediately grabbed the back of the dress, and pulled it very tight. Of course that looked OK. I had already told them that I was a seamstress, and quite capable of hemming my own dress. Well, when I came home and put the dress on again, I realized that there was a huge problem in the way it fell around my mid section. It just sags with these huge folds.

I began to scrutinze the sewing of this dress, and it did not take me very long to realize that the seams are not only sewn inconsitently (one seam falls below the armhole across the chest, the opposite side falls one inch higher, into the armhole), seams are puckered, and the side seams bow out at the sides, rather than taper down to the waist. The problem is that the entire top is covered with beads, which apparently the maker thought would cover all of the poor sewing.

Well, I made an appt to take the dress back and show it to them. I am very concerned because I paid quite a bit of money, and the policy is absolutely no returns. But, I feel strongly that when I agreed to that "no return" policy, it was with the understanding that I would receive only the highest quality dress. As a seamstress, I would have been embarassed for anyone to even look at the bodice on this dress.

Is it unreasonable for me to insist upon free alterations, or a full refund? If the dress had been sewn correctly, then the size 10 dress should have fit me perfectly, as did the model dress that I tried on at the other store), and I would not need to pay for any alterations. Beads are all ready popping off. I am so upset.

Can anyone give me any advice? And, if anyone asks me why, as a seamstress I did not make my own dress, I can honestly tell you that I am dealing with a daughter who has an extreme medical condition, and I didn't think that I needed the stress of making my own dress when I need to be available for her at the drop of a hat.

Thanks so much.
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Before you return the dress, take close-up photos of the workmanship and document the problems. Have someone with you to witness what you are doing. There is always the possibility that the shop or the manufacturer could try to claim that you either altered the dress or had a seamstress alter it and they created the problems.

Then, contact the store and see what solution they offer. If they refuse to replace the dress, call your local Better Business Bureau and let them know about the problem. Also check with your state Attorney General's office to find out about your consumer protection rights. There is an implied warranty of useability when you purchase an item that states that a product is fit for its intended use and the store should stand behind it. If you let the store know that you will or have referred the issue to the BBB and the Attorney General, they should be quick to help rather than jeopardize their reputation. Hopefully, you won't have to go that far.
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Thank you so much for your advice. Actually, I had been debating taking photos. You have now confirmed that decision for me. I have already shown the dress to two different professionals, seeking their advice. They were instrumental in pin-pointing flaws that I had missed. I think that when one is emotionally involved with such an important decision, one often needs another opinion to help sort out an issue.

In addition, my husband did find an article in the newest consumer report magazine, mentioning the same points that you have regarding implied warranty unless the item is marked "as is" or "defective merchandise."

I appreciate your help regarding this matter. I feel much less apprehensive about my meeting with the shop employees today regarding this issues.

Also, I'd like to mention that I have been very impressed with all of the advice that you have offered that I have had a chance to review. I appreciate having this opportunity to assist me.
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