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I’ve been discussing this with my friends and co-workers and was wondering about the consensus of everyone here. Here’s the situation: I’ve been engaged for a month now – I asked on Christmas Eve. But that’s not the problem lol. Recently, we’ve been discussing honeymoon plans for this December. We would like to go someplace exotic (as this will be the only vacation we’ll be able to afford for a while) but are butting heads as to where to go. I would prefer someplace relaxing and removed from the cold. I figure the wedding planning is stressful enough, why should our honeymoon be an ordeal, too? But my fiancée wants to take the opportunity to do some serious tourism. She envisions us doing this non-stop tour around France. I understand b/c of her connection to the country. She studied abroad there as an undergrad and wants to show me the place she associates with her first adult glimpse at the world. I love this, but seriously, I just want to lounge on a beach in Tahiti or even Hawaii with breaks to eat, drink, and … Wink. Is there a compromise?

There’s another factor in this as well. Future wife is vehemently opposed to carrying around a cell phone during recreational travel. I think she is slightly bananas in this respect. Especially if we end up in France for the honeymoon, I want to have a ready way of contacting people I know in the States if there’s any emergency. Is there a compromise there, too? I don’t want her to feel slighted b/c I’ve got a phone in my pocket. Any opinions are appreciated here.
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How about going to France and visiting only two locations. One that she chooses and one that you choose in the south of France on the beach. I agree with the previous poster - leave the cell phone behind. This is a time to relax, not to receive business calls or calls from clueless friends that don't know where you are.
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