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I have been invited to a late-afternoon church wedding and evening reception. The bride will be wearing a long formal wedding dress (I don't know the color but she is certain to be extremely beautiful in a very "bridal" gown). I have a lovely knee-length, sleeveless off-white dress with a long-sleeved knee-length lace jacket.

Would it be appropriate to wear this dress? Should I ask the bride first?

Two friends that I've asked say it would be entirely appropriate but I'm not completely sure.

Thank you!
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ASk the bride, then you know for sure and wont hurt anyones feelings or buy a new dress when you don't need to.
Just ask her... The worst she can say is that she would prefer that you NOT wear cream, white, off white.
Give her an easy out. Say it just like you did hear, tell her you have the dress but am concerned about wearing it due to the colour and offending her and others by wearing a colour that is usually reserved for the bride.

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