Complete Guide to Wedding Music

From your ceremony to the very last dance, find tons of song recommendations for your wedding

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Ideas for Removing The Wedding Garter


  • You Can blindfold the groom while taking off the garter, and guy who caught it while putting it on. Can also suggest using their teeth

  • After blindfolding the groom, can have the bride and all the bridesmaids put their legs out. The groom then has to pick his bride's leg from the group.

  • After blindfolding the garter catcher, can substitute an older woman (maybe one of the grandmothers) for the bouquet catcher-oblivious to the substitution, the garter catcher puts the garter on Grandma's leg.

  • Can get guys to gather around the groom and sing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" before the groom tosses the garter. Can also get single guys in a circle around the groom, blindfold groom and spin him around before tossing the garter.



Wedding Music Q & A: What you need to know

Its our step by step guide to everything wedding.  No matter the question, we've got an example or answer for you

The following information is articles, questions, and answers that have been submitted by ForeverWed readers.  Should these not answer your questions. Feel free to ask an expert


4 Tips on Being a Great Emcee
A Country song in a church wedding - a difficult choice
Ceremony Music Tip - Length of Music
Choosing an entertainer for your reception
Choosing the Right DJ
Choosing Music for your Reception
Choosing unusual Music for your ceremony
Choosing Music for your Reception
Deciding between a DJ/Band at your reception
DJ Selection Tips
Disc Jockey Checklist
Formal Dinner, What music to use
How much should you spend
How to choose music for your ceremony
How to shop for entertainment 
Music for Christian Weddings
Music for Jewish Weddings  
Music that makes the Memories!
Reception Introductions Wedding Party Entrance
Recorded music for my wedding?
Selecting Music for your wedding ceremony
Selecting the Right Ceremony Music
Toasts, Master of Ceremonies
Using Taped Music For the Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony and Reception Planner
What Music to use

Wedding Ceremony Music
Unity Candle

► Wedding Reception Music
Wedding Dinner Music  
Cake Cutting Music
The First Dance
Just for the Bouquet Toss
The Dollar Dance
Fun Garter Removal Songs


Dances for the Parents and the Bride/Groom
Dance Music

Wedding Dance Songs
Other Dance Songs
Children's Dances
Wedding Party Dance
Participation Dances
Last Dance Songs

Gags and Games for the Reception

Remote Control Game
Garter Gag
Generations Dance
Other Bouquet Throwing Ideas
Garter Toss Ideas
Garter Removal Ideas
Alternatives to Dollar Dance
Key gag
Money or Dollar Dance
Bridal Dance
Kiss Ideas
Awarding Centerpieces
Honoring Moms 


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