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Wedding Planning > Wedding Planning for the Groom

Wedding Planning: Groom's Wedding Vocabulary Guide

Answers to your most important wedding planning questions

Groom's Wedding Vocabulary Guide

Here are some definitions of the terms you'll be hearing about the wedding.

Aisle Carpet - Covers aisle for processional at the ceremony site. It's meant to protect trailing gowns.

Ascot - Worn with winged-collar shirts, this neck scarf is tied with the broad ends laid flat, one across the other. It often comes pretied, and is usually worn with a stickpin.

Attendants - Also known as members of the wedding party. They're friends and family members that you've asked to play a special role whether as best man, usher, or groomsman.

Best Man - The main male attendant and your witness to the marriage. He's responsible for handling some of the  arrangements and supplying reassurance.

Bouquet -  A collection of flowers gathered together at the stems, usually accented with lace and ribbons.

Boutonniere - Flower or several flowers worn by males in their buttonholes.

Bow Ties - Made of formal fabric, tied in a bow. Worn with tuxedos or dinner jackets.

Cake Top - Figurines or flowers set on top of the wedding cake.

Corsage - A small bouquet of flowers worn by women on the wrist, waist, or shoulder. They usually decorate the shoulder at weddings.

Cummerbund -  A sash worn as a belt, it covers the pant button, top of the zipper, and where the shirt tucks into the pants. Can also help hold in the abdomen. Pleats face up, bow tie should match.

Cutaway - Formal daytime equivalent of a tailcoat. At the waist, the front tapers gently to the back in a tail.

Dinner Jacket - A coat traditionally used in semi-formal weddings.

Double-breasted - A garment where the breast lapels widely overlap. Fold-down collar See turned-down collar

Four-in-hand - Standard necktie, tied in a slipknot with the ends left hanging. A fOrmal fabric (such as silk) is used for weddings. It's worn with a turned-down collar shirt.

French Cuffs -  Band at the bottom of shirt-sleeve. Held together by c links instead of buttons.

Garter - Elastic covered with satin, ruffles, or feathers worn above the bride's knee. It's removed by you and toss to unmarried males during the reception festivities.

Groomsmen - Male attendants in the wedding party who escort the bridesmaids in the processional/recessional. This job is often combined with the role of Usher (except in the large weddings).

Guest Book - Placed on a stand at the reception. Each guest is invit to sign their name, as a keepsake remembrance for th bride and groom.

Long Jacket -  Formalwear coat that reaches mid-thigh length.

Pocket Square - The fancy name for the small handkerchief of linen, s' or other formal fabrics that peaks out of the breast pocket. Worn in place of boutonnieres.

Processional - The walk the wedding party takes up the aisle before the ceremony.

Recessional - The return walk made down the aisle by the weddin party after the ceremony. You and the bride lead the recessional.

Ringbearer's Pillow - A small lace or satin pillow that's carried up the aisle a young boy. The wedding rings are tied to the pillow

Single Breasted Coat - where lapels overlap just enough to enable fastening.

Stroller Jacket - Also called a Walking Coat. Is cut slightly longer than suit jacket. Usually, in black or grey, it's worn before 6 p.m. for semi-formal weddings.

Studs - Small fasteners (knob and disk connected by astern) used in place of buttons on very formal clothing. Th are often gold, or have gemstones in gold set,tings.

Suspenders - Hold up pants by elastic bands over the be worn with cummerbunds.

Tailcoat - Long formal coat completely cutaway at the front w
back is very long and tapered.

Tie - Many ascots, bow ties, and four-in-hands come in cli on styles. .

Train - Material that extends along the ground behind the bride's dress. Varies from one to ten feet in length.

Turned-down Collar - that's folded or doubled over itself, like a standard dress shirt but the fabric is more formal.

Tuxedo - This has become a catchall word in formalwear . Originally, it described the jacket worn for a formal wedding after 6 p.m. Now it might mean any semi- formal coat, or the entire formalwear ensemble.

Usher - Male attendants who seat guests at the ceremony. Often this role is combined with the groomsmen's duties, but for a very large wedding you'll have both.

Waistcoat - Fancy word for a vest.

Wedding Party - The bride, groom, both their parents, and the male and female attendants.

White Tie - Most formal men's style. You wear a black coat with tails, matching trousers, and white tie, vest, and winged- collar shirt.

Winged Collar - The shirt collar has folds at the front center, with a tiny v-wing shape on each side. Usually worn with a thinner tie


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MOH: Advice: We are having 3 bridesmaids and do not want to select one as a maid of honor. Is there such a role as personal attendant who could fulfill some of the maid of honor duties?

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