Wedding Ceremony - Unity Candles - Alternatives to the Unity Candle

I am the maid of honor for a wedding this September.  My friend is getting married in a historical small chapel and there are no open flames allowed.  What can be used as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony to still show unity and the tradition of two separate being joining together in marriage without the lighting of candles?   I am at a loss for ideas on this one

Your dilemma is becoming more common as fire insurance codes no longer allow open flames.  You can either use hurricane globes around candles that will protect the flame or you might want to consider doing a water ceremony.  To do this, you have a larger container in the center with water in it, about 1/3 full.  Then, on either side you have two glasses that contain a colored liquid.  Some couples use grape or cranberry juice.  Others use red wine.
The minister will mention that marriage is symbolized by the center container.  As the bride and groom pour their glasses of liquid into the center container, the liquids combine so that one cannot see where one ends and the other begins.  So it is with marriage as a couple become one in body, mind, and spirit.
If you choose to do this ceremony, be sure to have napkins handy to keep any of the liquid from getting on the couple's hands or on the bride's gown.
If you use the hurricane globes, remove them briefly, just long enough to light the center candle, then replace them.  At the beginning of the ceremony, the side candles will need to be already in the hurricane covers.  The moms can use long matches to light them.
Glenna Tooman, Wedding Consultant


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