Cinderella  Wedding Theme Ideas

This is the season of pure romance and what better theme for your wedding than a Fairy Tale Wedding


Cinderella Wedding Ideas:
Favors: Chocolate truffle mice for favors. They have almond halves for ears and are dipped in white and dark chocolate and colored cords for tails. (Roll a ball of truffle and pinch one end for the nose. Add the almonds and dip in chocolate. Pipe eyes and mouth details add tail.) Or Mini Hershey Chocolates bars in Cinderella themed packaging

Decor: Check with your local theater / college drama group for any props that will add to the atmosphere. Thrones, Pumpkin coach, glass slipper, Magic Wands, red carpet.

Transport: Check into the rental of a horse drawn carriage in your area. (White horses)

Clothing: A tiara and a huge ball gown is a must for any Cinderella.

Tables: Consider pumpkin candles or napkins picked up in the fall, used in the wedding. If you do not wish to use orange pumpkins you can get clear glass pumpkins or white ceramic ones for decoration. Consider using the favors on the tables. Like the candy mice with a plastic carriage.

Shoes: Start now looking for glass (clear plastic) shoes.

Buffet Table: Glass Slipper ice sculpture.

Music: Get the Cinderella sound track on CD for the DJ. Also the song from Beauty and the Beast as well as the "When you wish apon a star" would be good choices



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