Valentine's Day Wedding Theme

This is the season of pure romance and what better theme for your wedding than 'love'

The romantic mood of Valentine's Day arrives just as nature is beginning to stir from its winter's sleep. The snowdrops are out and every bird is singing to attract a mate. It is a time of hope and expectation; a cheerful reminder that spring will soon be here with its promise of warm sunny days ahead. It is a perfect time for a wedding.


The symbols of Valentine's Day are hearts, roses, white doves and plump little cupids with their bows and arrows! Here are some ideas to 'pick and mix'. Add your own personal ideas and style to create the most romantic of weddings.

Personalized Tin Mints with your image on it.
Edible Personalized Chocolates.
Heart shaped chocolates in red foil.
Sparkling Cider Favors
The Bride
A romantic white dress, a heart shaped neckline formed by a deep V in the centre and an off the shoulder style bodice, which tapers to a pointed waistline. The skirt long, soft and very full.
A figure hugging lace gown.
For the bolder bride - add a touch of red. Red satin roses appliquéd onto the bodice or a line of small red hearts or rosebuds around the edge of the veil or dress.
Make a real entrance in an all red silk gown.
Flowers have to be roses. Deep red, the flower of love, or pure white. Add some trailing ribbons each ending in a red heart.
Carry a single red rose adorned with a ribbon.
Red velvet cape for warmth.
For romance wear pink. If 'Valentine red' is not for you, choose rich shades of pink for your roses and heart motifs.
Wear flowers woven into a soft, romantic hairstyle.
Jewelry should reflect the theme with hearts, roses, doves or cupids.
Wear rubies
A red velvet band around the neck with small gold heart attached.

The Bridesmaids
The choice again is red, white or a rich pink. Choose heavy fabrics to keep out the chill or complement the gown with a matching stole or shrug.
White gowns need a touch of color. Either choose a fabric with a dainty pattern (such as tiny hearts or rosebuds), or use red or pink flowers in Victorian posies edged with lace and trailing ribbons.
Simple sheath dresses, in a plain red or pink, provide a wonderful contrast to the romantic fullness of an elaborate bridal gown.
Baskets of roses or a floral heart on a loop of ribbon make a change from bouquets.
Presents for the bridesmaids could be heart shaped Key chains, Heart Silver-plated Jewelry Boxes,  or Heart Necklaces..

The Flower Girl
A short white full skirted dress with a red or pink sash, and matching ribbons in her hair, warm tights to keep out the cold and carrying a basket of red/pink rose petals to scatter in front of the bride. (Check this is OK with the venue first!)
Alternatively she could carry a teddy bear with a large colored heart on its tummy, a miniature cupid or a satin heart on a loop of ribbon.

The Grooms Party
Red silk waistcoats worn under dark jackets.
A red rose for the groom and white roses for the groomsmen.
A red shirt could also look good.
A white suit with a pink shirt or waistcoat.

A romantic horse drawn carriage, making sure there is a roof to fend off the rain and a large rug to keep you warm.
A white limousine decorated with red ribbons.

The Invitations
Romantic cards decorated with cupids and written in elaborate gold lettering.
Red silk hearts or imitation roses on the cover.
Amore, Liebe, Love, Amour. Love in any language - decorate your stationery with just one word spelt a dozen different ways.
Style your invitations to resemble Valentine cards.
Add a finishing touch with ribbons ending with a small colored heart.
Heart shaped cards

Rich chocolate cake decorated with chocolate icing and red roses.
Heart shaped layers decorated with red iced heart shapes.
Decorate with cupids and doves.

Every tune to be played must have the word 'love' in the title
Serenading musicians wandering between the tables during the reception.
Roses, roses and more roses.
Rose Petals
Pot of Roses Centerpiece.
Sprinkle small cut-out shapes of Dove or Hearts over the tables.
Tie large red or pink bows around the backs of chairs.
Floor length red table covers under a smaller white lace tablecloth.
Loop long table clothes up around tables and secure with red hearts.
Attach dozens of Balloons around a large heart shaped frame.
Love birds in cages around the room.
Cupids, hearts and arrows hung from the ceiling.
Candles for romantic lighting
Provide containers for blowing bubbles to add a touch of magic.
Each place setting marked with a single rose attached to the serviette and bearing the guest's name.
Sand Ceremony Sets or Unity Candles dressed with Hearts.


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