1920's Wedding Theme Idea

The 1920's heralded a youthful revolution challenging Victorian attitudes towards women; how they behaved, how they dressed and their role in society. The 'bright young things' of the 20's were known as 'flappers' and they were demanding the freedom to live their own lives. While their elders considered such behavior reckless and irresponsible, all they were really doing was having fun!


The 1920's girls wore provocative make-up, showed their knees and abandoned themselves to the wild rhythms of Jazz, Charleston and the Black Bottom. They listened to the songs of Duke Ellington, Al Jolson and Fanny Brice and marveled at the dancing of Isadora Duncan. It was an era of post war frivolity and optimism. To emphasize their new found freedom, women threw away their corsets, cut their hair, wore trousers, smoked cigarettes and drove fast cars. Life was for living.

The 1920's also saw the development of a new elegant and sophisticated style of art, Art Deco, which was characterized by the use of vibrant colors, graphic geometric forms and simplicity, celebrating all that was modern.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, prohibition in America forced people into 'speakeasies' in search of illegal alcohol and created a gangland subculture of guns, police raids and bootlegged whisky.

The style and spirit of adventure of the 20's combined with their great love of partying makes an ideal theme to base your wedding on.



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