Beach Wedding Theme

The beach theme has many things to offer, and it can often be confusing to figure out exactly where to start. My suggestion is to narrow the focus first, and decide which elements you would most like to include in your wedding. Seashells, starfish, sand, fish, other sea life, or even mermaids could be a starting point in narrowing the focus of your theme. You will find links below to give you an idea of what is available for this theme.



Decorating is very dependant upon where you will be holding the affair. If you are holding your wedding and reception on a beach, minimal decorating would be ideal as you have the view of the water to add to your theme. Fishnets adorned with seashells and starfish will also add to your theme. If you will be having tables, they can be covered in a complimentary color (blues and greens) and a small amount of sand or shells can be tossed upon them. An interesting idea I ran across while researching links for this article was that of the terry cloth ring pillow from Divine Weddings. Terry cloth would best be used at an informal wedding, but you could use it on your tables or in your centerpieces. The use of miniature boats or boat accessories (such as oars) could also be used in your decorating.


Favors are one area in which many couples with a beach-themed wedding get stuck. The sea is a popular idea in home decorating though, so you have many ideas to choose from. Small ocean, scallop shell favor holders, or view box favor holders can be used to hold candy, and can even be wrapped in tulle and tied with a bow. Candles are becoming a popular choice for favors, and seashell shaped candles are easily found in the marketplace. You can also purchase soaps in the shape of shells, such as this example from The Personal Touch. Even a larger shell could house candy or potpourri.


A grouping of various large seashells is one idea for centerpieces. Along the same vein, you could use large shells that have been turned into candles or try Sea Urchin Candles. While we're on the subject of candles, If your into crafts we can offer two ideas that are easy to replicate. The first is the pillar candle rolled in seashells, and the second is the Floating Gel Candles. Or you could use a candle tin instead, such as the one featured by Candles & More. Yet another idea is that of the seashell topiary made from STYROFOAM.

If you prefer using using fish, I would recommend using a small goldfish bowl with one goldfish on each table. You can also try a mini aquarium (without fish) is a good alternative. You can include gravel, an aquarium castle (or other accessory), and aquarium plants. If you still want fish but not live, why not consider using clear candle gel to include plastic ones. With the use of tweezers, you can create the look of swimming fish in the candle gel, by just placing them where you want them. For a more realistic effect, you can blow "bubbles" into the gel using a straw. For yet another alternative, you can include shells and sand at the bottom of a fishbowl, and have a fish or shell shaped floating candle.

Cake Toppers

Small statues or figurines are a wonderful choice for "under the sea" weddings. If you decide on a glass sculpture, your choices could include two dolphins or two whales, and these particular examples are from Shade of Gold Galleries. Of course, glass is not your only option, here's an example Kissing Dolphins Cake Topper from our Christian Bride Store. If you are still stuck for ideas, here a few more suggestions. In figurine form, Mermaids and Mermen, two fish, two lobsters, two starfish, two crabs and/or a decorated fishbowl (please see above for suggestions) could all be very appropriate choices for an "under the sea" wedding.

Other Ideas

If you really do love the sea, you might consider something like the dolphin wedding rings from Sea Side Designs. Or you could have your rings custom made and include seahorses or mermaids. Finally, if you actually want to get married at's now possible to get married with Princess Cruises



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