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Autumn happens to be one of our favorite times of year. In our area, fall represents harvest time, leaves turning color and the weather settling into a cool respite from the summer sun. Like many areas, ours is famous for the changing leaves. Nearly the entire state of Washington changes into a rainbow of colors ranging from pale yellows and greens all the way up to deep burgundy and bright red. A truly beautiful sight to behold! For me, autumn also evokes pumpkin patch harvests because of its pumpkin patches, hay rides and of course Thanksgiving and family.


Autumn Theme
Locations: Church, Home
reds, oranges, rusts, and mustard yellows,
burgundy & hunter, and wine & navy
Orange Gerbera, Apricot Lilies, Rust/Burgundy hydrangea, rust Euphorbia, and mixed garden foliage including Virginia creeper.
red currants, apricots and apples
Special Touches: fall foliage,
hand-painted hydrangea
candles, a plate, and a pedestal bowl in this vibrant fall table arrangement

Setting the Tone

Believe it or not, a fall wedding theme can be either ultra-formal or very informal. It all depends on the tone of the wedding and reception. An ultra-formal wedding can easily have elements of a fall/autumn theme without sacrificng the formality of the event. One of the ways in which this can be done is through your choice of colors. A few color combinations that can be considered both formal and autumnal are: burgundy & hunter, and wine & navy. By using these color combinations (as well as many others) you can maintain a formal air to your event while still maintaining your theme. These colors can be apparent in your decor, your flowers and even the attire for your wedding party.

A casual or informal affair is just as simple to create. Again, setting the tone is the key. In this case, color combinations such as rust/brick & kelly green or buttercup & light orange/dark peach can be used. Another way to set the tone of an informal fall wedding is by using decorations that reflect the casual atmosphere. In this case, "props" such as hay bales, pumpkins or fall leaves can be used. In light of the fact that autumn is such a varied season, your only limit is your imagination. You can use any of the elements that you enjoy, and your wedding and reception will reflect those things you enjoy about the season.

Halloween Weddings

The bride can wear a traditional gown and veil. Thinking about adding some fun and interest? Try adorning drop earrings in the shape of skulls. Instead of a traditional bouquet, carry a trick-or-treat bag. Have the groom wear his tuxedo, but instead of wearing the standard shoes, try adding a  cowboy hat and boots. Wedding Theme colors should be black and white. After the reception, have the bride and groom go trick-or-treating in their wedding "costumes". Definitely a fun time for all!

Autumn Decorating Ideas

There are many ways in which you can incorporate the fall theme into your wedding. For the most part, these ideas are very simple to execute. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the theme into your ceremony is by adding small touches that reflect fall/autumn. One idea is to use a pew bow comprised of printed ribbon with fall themes instead of the traditional white/ivory. This can range from prints of leaves to prints of pumpkins. For a more formal event, wide burgundy or hunter ribbon edged in gold can be used. Fall colors can be used in floral arrangements and a variety of fall flowers can be used as well. Finally, the wedding attendants can wear colors that reflect those of the season.

Grapevine wreaths can be used on wall spaces at the ceremony or reception site. You can also use the items used for the ceremony as decorations for the reception. Pew bows can be tied to terra-cotta pots and filled with mini-pumpkins or colored leaves for centerpieces. There is a great article online about preserving the color of autumn leaves from the Tri-City Herald if you need help with this. You can also use swags of silk flowers or autumn leaves to decorate. There are numerous silk flower color choices (and fall flower choices) that are sold in the stores for fall decorating purposes and you can browse until you find choices that will reflect the formality and tone of your wedding and reception.

Pumpkins and Squash

There are so many different ways to use pumpkins and squash in decorating for a fall wedding. It can be as simple as squash and pumpkins in various sizes scattered amongst fall leaves...or can be as complicated as painting pumpkins or squash with a gold wash, then carving hearts and flowers into the flesh. You can pile mini-pumpkins or squash into decorated baskets or can use them to house candles (much in the same way as you carve a jack-o-lantern). I'll include instructions below for a candle-holder made out of a mini-pumpkin.

This simple candleholder can be a lovely addition to your reception tables. They're very simple to make as well: just carve out a place for the candle. For a more informal affair, I would suggest a grouping of three (in different sizes) with fall leaves scattered amongst the candleholders. You can set the candleholders on a silk flower ring if you wish for a more colorful look. For a formal affair, the pumpkins would be lovely painted with gold or silver spray paint. If you would like to include leaves, these can be painted with gold or silver as well. For a totally different look, you can try a look reminiscent of topiaries. Fill a terra-cotta pot with Styrofoam, glue leaves raffia or moss on top of the foam...then glue your candleholder in the center. The pots can be dressed up with bows, paint or curling ribbon.


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