Second Weddings  -  Second Wedding Help and Guide to Remarriage

There are a lot of wonderful things that happen the second time around, not the least of which are second weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. So, now that you've found that wonderful person for a second time, or have decided to recommit yourself to the one you love... what to do? Celebrate, that's what!

Now that you've done all the hard work of finding your perfect match, Sit down, relax and browse our information and resources that will make your second marriage or vow renewal a bit easier! Don't worry about getting bogged down with tedious  questions like: what will the kids wear? How can we get them involved? How should we phrase the invitations? What do we need to do with the Church? And how do I bring up the "p" word when I've just promised to marry the person I love? From etiquette to prenups - we cover all the topics you'll need to consider, but shouldn't have to stress about.

Whether you are a divorcee who's getting it right with number two, a widower who's taking a leap of faith on a second lease on love, a couple who is remarrying each other or a pair of love doves who wants to renew their vows, is your comprehensive resource to navigating family, finances and formalities.

Congratulations on finding—or choosing to celebrate—love again.

Second Weddings Q & A: What you need to know

Its our step by step guide to wedding to wedding receptions.  No matter the question, we've got an example or answer for you

The following information is articles, questions, and answers that have been submitted by ForeverWed readers.  Should these not answer your questions. Feel free to ask an expert

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