Wedding Rehearsals - Making Them Fun

Making Your Rehearsal Fun and Enjoyable

Written by Kami Griffin

So tomorrow is the big day! Are you nervous yet? Not to worry, you have tonight, your rehearsal night, to prepare you for your big walk down the aisle! Here are a few ideas for getting ready, and also for making the rehearsal enjoyable for all!

GETTING READY: Remember that your rehearsal is a practice run for your actual wedding. If anything seems out of place, this is the time to fix it! It helps you to figure out where your bridesmaids will stand, what order everyone will walk in, and allows you to get a general “feel” for your surroundings. It is a good idea to become familiar with your setting, so you don’t become overwhelmed on your wedding day. Scope out where you want the flowers to be, where the organist will play, etc. It also helps the members of your bridal party to become more relaxed, especially if they have never been in a wedding party before! You may want to have some treats to nibble on, or something to drink available.

HELPING PEOPLE TO RELAX: If your bridesmaids or groomsmen are nervous, try and make the occasion fun for them. Bring a bottle of champagne along to celebrate, or perhaps a small gift as a token of your appreciation. Remember to have someone take lots of pictures of the rehearsal! You will treasure these moments, and will want them in your wedding photo album. These candid pictures also make great gifts later on for members of your wedding party! If you are feeling nervous, take time out for yourself to relax. Bring along a CD of calming music, and play it while you spend a few minutes meditating, or doing whatever else makes you comfortable. If anyone wants to join you, let them! You can relax together.

REHEARSING: This is when you will actually practice your walk in, and practice saying your vows. If you have written your own vows, now is a good time to give a copy of them to the officiate for safekeeping. Make sure your officiate is aware of any special requests you have for the ceremony, such as lighting a unity candle, or presenting a family medallion to children. Ask your officiate is he or she plans to say, “You may kiss the bride” at the end of the ceremony (if you want this). My own officiate neglected to say this, and I was devastated! If I had informed him of what I wanted, I would have saved myself disappointment. Be very clear as to what you want said and done!

AFTERWARDS: When the rehearsal is over, you are free to have some fun! Lots of people plan a formal dinner, but you can do anything at all that will be enjoyable. Some wedding parties have a pizza celebration, others may go play laser tag, and still others just want to go home and rest up! Whatever you do, remember to get plenty of sleep, and don’t drink too much (if any) alcohol. Have a phone list available for all members of your wedding party, so if there are any problems, everyone can get in touch with one another.


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