Wedding Rehearsals - Are there any rules about the seating arrangements

Q.  Are there any rules about the seating arrangements for the rehearsal dinner? I personally would like to see people use this dinner as an opportunity to get to know one another a little bit prior to the wedding, since I feel it may be more difficult to socialize as much at the wedding. Would it be wrong for me to mix the guests up a bit, instead of placing people with only people that they know?


A.  I think your idea is excellent. Usually, the rehearsal dinner is a more relaxed time and it should be an opportunity for the two families to get acquainted. If the dinner will be held at a restaurant, you may not have as much time to fully accomplish your goal as you would if it were held at a home or another location where you don't feel compelled to leave too soon.

You can seat people however you choose to, perhaps brothers by brothers or some other arrangement. You might even have a time after dinner when you ask each person to tell three things they learned about the person on their left (or right). That will get people interested in each other even more and some might discover common interests that they want to explore further.

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