Wedding Ceremony - Processional - Where are Jr. Bridesmaids placed?

I would like to have jr. bride's maids in my ceremony, but where are they placed in the processional?  I have 4 brides maids, 2 jr brides maids, 5 groomsmen and flower girl and ring bearer.  How do I line up the processional?

When you have junior bridesmaids in your processional, they should stand the farthest away from the bride unless they are quite short.  They will enter first, then the bridesmaids, then the maid of honor, ring bearer, and flower girl last.
Depending on the amount of room available at the church and how the groom prefers to handle it, you can either have the groomsmen walk in with the groom and minister (they go in first before any of the ladies), or you can have the groomsmen escort the ladies in.  In that case, the minister and groom would enter first, then one of the groomsmen with the two junior bridesmaids (or the first one can walk in alone and the second one with an escort), then have the others walk in together in pairs.  The ring bearer and flower girl can also pair up.
For the recessional, people walk out in the opposite order in which they entered:  bride and groom; children; maid of honor and best man; groomsmen and bridesmaids, with the junior bridesmaids being the last to exit.
You may want to think about what it will look like in the facility you are using, then decide how you want the wedding party to enter.  You can try out both scenarios at the rehearsal and decide which flows better.






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