Wedding Etiquette Q & A: What you need to know

Its our step by step guide to wedding to wedding receptions.  No matter the question, we've got an example or answer for you

The following information is articles, questions, and answers that have been submitted by ForeverWed readers.  Should these not answer your questions. Feel free to ask an expert

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Can Wedding Attendants Carry Candles down the aisle vs. flowers to save money

Can you give us some sort of idea of what type of gifts to give the wedding party

Can my mother wear my color (ivory)? She's afraid it isn't proper. I think it would be elegant and distinguish her as the mother of the bride.

Centerpiece Ideas for Hawaiian Wedding

My fiancÚ and I are planning a very small wedding and a larger reception. Do we need to send separate invitations for the wedding?

During the wedding, do I walk down the aisle on my father's right arm or his left?

Divorced Parents Guidelines

Etiquette VS. Good Judgment

Etiquette FAQs

Etiquette for Wedding Guests

How to Honor Deceased Loved Ones

How to deal with Long Distance Planning

How do I seat the a Pastor and his wife?

How to announce my mother in the wedding program

How to write out the place card for a friend and his guest

If people bring gifts to our reception, do we have to open them there?

Is it proper to invite people to the ceremony and not the reception?

It is the custom in my hometown to display wedding gifts,
usually in the bride's parents' home.
How do we go about doing this?

I have an envelope addressing question, the invitation is going to a gentleman who is in the USAF and is both a captain and a doctor, how do I address his invitation?

Is it okay to include a map in a wedding invitation?
Most of my fiancÚ's family will be coming from out of town

My parents are divorced, and my father has remarried.
I live with my mother, but I am also very close to my father and his wife.  Whose names go on the invitation?
Where do they sit in the church?

My parents want me to have a traditional religious ceremony which I feel doesn't reflect me and my fiancÚ or the way we want to start a marriage together. We want to write our own vows and include secular readings, but my parents don't think that's proper. What should I do?

My fiancÚ and I are planning a very formal wedding, with an evening reception.  We would like for our guests to wear long dresses and tuxedos.  How do we get the word out?

My father died two years ago,  and I would really like to honor his memory.

My family is much larger than my fiancÚ's. Do we have to seat people on the "bride's side" and "groom's side?"

Our wedding reception will be a large, sit-down dinner.
My mother has worked hard to plan seating for all of the guests.  What is the best way to direct them to their places?

Small Guest List for destination wedding, how to handle angry friends

My wedding date is still two years away.  When should an engagement announcement appear in the paper?

Should my mother and my fiancÚ's mother wear dresses
of the same color as my bridesmaids' gowns?

Should I buy my fiancÚ a wedding gift?

Traditional Gowns for a second wedding

What should the father of the groom wear?

What if one of our attendants gets sick and can't come to the wedding?

We are registered at Dillard's but don't know how to let our friends know.  Is it okay to enclose a card in the wedding invitation?

We are planning a very small wedding with only about 30 guests.  I had planned to send wedding announcements
to our friends who aren't invited to the wedding,
but my fiancÚ is afraid they'll think we're asking for gifts.

Aisle: Is it ok to have the bride come in by herself or is this looked at as improper?
Mother/Father Standing in for us at our wedding

Aisle: Proper Etiquette for mom to walk me down the aisle
When the church has two isles, is it correct for the bride to enter the left side and exit the right side (if I am facing the preacher) or vice versa? Anniversary: Gifts: Is there are way to ask guests for monetary gifts for my parents 50+ wedding anniversary?

Announcements: newspaper announcement etiquette
Bachelorette Parties:
I need some ideas on a stagette (?). Should I have a party for the bride and groom or just the bride?
Bridal Party: How should I choose my bridal party
Bridesmaids: What to do about non existent bridesmaid
Destination Weddings:
"rules" regarding destination weddings

Destination Weddings:
What is proper etiquette would be for bridal showers, gift registry, and how to word the invitations for our reception once we get back

When is is okay for me to get engaged if my brother just got engaged?

Engagement Party: Gifts:  We have been invited to an "engagement party". Should we take a present and then take another present to the actual wedding?
Family Only:
Is it okay to have a family only wedding for an expecting teen? If so what are the limits? They do want an outdoor wedding. What about a reception?
Fashion: Can mom wear the same color as me?
Fashion: Hat instead of Veil?
Fashion: Proper clothing etiquette for father of the groom Fashion: Proper Wedding Attire for 4pm wedding
What is appropriate attire for a catholic wedding?
Gift with no recipients name

Gifts: "If you give a shower gift do you also take another gift to the wedding? If so why. Which way is appropriate.
Gifts: I do not plan on attending a wedding. Do I still give a gift?
What is an appropriate gift for a couple when the groom and bride have both been married previously

What is the best way to include an insert with the invitation to let the guest know to send there gifts to our home

Guests: Pastor and wife as  guests at the wedding
Inviting: If a friend Responded to an invite with and do we write out the place card?
Is it proper to invite people to the ceremony and not the reception
Inviting: Is it ok to invite a friend but insist that they come alone, ie. no significant others?
I have an envelope addressing question, the invitation is going to a gentleman who is in the USAF and is both a captain and a doctor, how do I address his invitation?

Money Tree:
how to encourage giving to our money tree

Money: Living Together,
Who Pays

I want to give them something for their time and generosity. Am I supposed to invite them to the reception? As I am completely at the limits that the place will hold???

How to stay happy the first month after

Processional: Processional Seating and Program Wording
What to call the official

Simplifying costs:
Would it be silly to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle holding candles (they are less expensive) rather than the bridesmaids carrying bouquets?

Traditional Religious Ceremony:
What should I do?



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