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We're Engaged, now where do we go?

 What to write when sending out announcements 

Engagement Process

 What's the proper time to have an engagement party

 Should I bring a gift to an engagement party?

 Fiancés Family hasn't contacted me...

 Tips on how to ask for her hand 

 How to choose the perfect wedding date 

Who do we tell first?

 verses for wedding announcements  

unique announcement wording for engagements and weddings that would be put in the newspaper...
also, when should these be submitted to the newspaper?

 sample worksheet 

 sample newspaper announcement 



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Wedding Engagements

Create Her Ring


When is the proper time to have an Engagement Party?
One of my friends is having an engagement party this weekend & I would like to know if you should bring a gift & what type of gift.
I recently got engaged and I feel offended because my fiancés family have not tried to contact me at all. I have only met them once and they seemed to like me alright, am I just feeling self-conscious?
I'm getting ready to make the big decision and ask my girlfriend to marry me.  Are there any tips you can give me so that I don't botch this up?
Before our parents meet we need to agree on a wedding date. How can I go about choosing the perfect wedding date for us with an agreement from him!
Now that were engaged is there an order events as far as who we tell?  who comes first?
We just got engaged!  Where can we look for information on planning our wedding?  are there many planning resources available online or off other than the bridal magazines?
How do I go about telling my parents that his parents want to meet them and start the planning process. Is there some rules of etiquette about this?  Do we have to go out somewhere to meet?
My daughter and I are giving an engagement party for a close friend.  What would you suggest for decorations?
I  was planning on proposing to my girlfriend in the next couple of months. Her brother is already engaged and is planning on getting married in November. DO I have to wait to propose to my girlfriend until he gets married? I don't want to take anything away from his big day.
Is there any way to have an engagement party in Atlanta and invite guests that will not be invited to the wedding?  If so, how do you let them know that they won't be invited to the wedding?  What do you think?

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