Wedding Ceremony - Candle Light Ceremony

I would like to find out more about candlelight wedding ceremonies.  Would this be normal for a first wedding?  And if it is how do you set up for one?

A candlelight wedding ceremony is one at which candles are used.  Normally, the ceremony occurs in a church.  Candelabra are used at the front of the church and the couple may incorporate a unity candle ceremony into the service.  This is often used for a first wedding and occurs frequently at church weddings.  It isn't done at outdoor venues because of wind and other problems associated with keeping candles lighted.
The couple usually choose two people to act as candle lighters.  These can be members of the wedding party, such as one bridesmaid and one groomsman, or they can be additional people.  This is a good way to include people in the wedding that you don't want to ask to be bridesmaids or groomsmen.  Older children can also be candle lighters if they are tall enough to reach the top-most candles.
If you are having a unity candle ceremony, you can combine the lighting of the candles with the lighting of the unity side candles in a couple of ways.  Some couples choose to have the candle lighters enter and light the candles as the first event at the beginning of the wedding.  Then, either the unity side candles are carried in by the mothers, or they are placed in the candle holders before the ceremony.  The mothers light the side candles from the candles in the candelabra.
The other way to do this is to have the moms escorted in and seated.  Then, the candle lighters enter, light the candles, and exit.  The moms then stand up together and walk to the front where they light the unity side candles from the candelabra.
If your church allows pewlabras, candelabra that screw to the arms of the pews, you might also incorporate them into the decorations.  They are usually used on only the first three or four pews, not on all of them.  The candle lighters would light them first as they make their way down the aisle to the front.  If your church has deep windowsills, you might also place pillar candles in them. 
All of the candles make a lovely setting, just be sure to use dripless candles and be very careful of fire.  Most churches have policies about how many candles can be used and where, so be sure to ask.
Good luck with your planning


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