Bridal Showers: Q & A: Is there anyway of having a shower "long-distance"?

Q. Is there anyway of having a shower "long-distance"? 

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A. This sort of situation comes up pretty commonly these days, since so many of us live far from our loved ones.  Sometimes it just doesn't work out logically to involve everyone in the shower, and that isn't necessarily a tragedy.  Under the circumstances, I'm sure the bride and groom realize the logistical problems with your side of the family attending or hosting a shower for her.  It's just not practical.

I had the same problem in reverse when I wed -- all my family was spread elsewhere and only my husband's family and one or two friends were able to be at my shower.  It was still a lovely day, and I certainly understood why it worked out that way. Frankly, I was happy to just have so many family and friends make it to the wedding itself.  So sometimes, you need to just look at the big picture, and "don't sweat the small (or impractical) stuff".

On the other hand, there are ways people creatively conduct showers long-distance.

~Families send gift certificates to one family member, and having that person present a pretty basket with all the cards and certificates to the bride-- either during a local shower, or at some other convenient time.

Send shower gifts to the hostess of a local shower, so that the bride could open their gifts with all the others, even though the gift giver could not attend.  I personally like this option better than some.  Scheduling too many showers can be stressful, and splitting showers by "his family's" and "my family's" doesn't always strike me as positive.

Perhaps you could send gifts to the shower the bride is having in July? or if there is some one who lives near the bride who might be having a shower closer to the wedding?   I like the "togetherness" of both families celebrating together-- in spirit if not in person.

Or is there any chance that any of the family will see the bride and groom over the holidays?  October or November would be the normal logical time for a shower for a December wedding.  Obviously there's a serious distance issue in this, but I assume that at some point before the wedding, the bride and groom will be in the same city in preparation
for the wedding.  Even if it's quite late and close to the wedding itself, you might be able to schedule some sort of "shower/get-together" to meet and get to know the bride a little before the wedding itself.

It's awkward, of course, but in  cases like this, it's more important to make sure the feelings of welcome into your family are clear, than to necessarily have a specific shower or other event.   Think through the options and be flexible in your expectations


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