Wedding Announcement - Unique Announcement Wording


Q. I was wondering if you have any unique announcement wording for engagements and weddings that would be put in the newspaper... also, when should these be submitted to the newspaper?

A.  In most areas the newspapers have their own policies about what they will print.  Smaller weekly newspapers are usually more willing to print a longer notice.  They often include a picture of the bride with the engagement announcement as well as with the wedding announcement.  The wedding announcement might include the names of the members of the wedding party, information about the bride's gown, and other information as well as the usual information about the couple's education and employment.
Daily newspapers may only accept a few lines for an engagement announcement and may limit the length of the wedding announcement.  Many larger daily papers are now charging to print both wedding and engagement announcements.
I suggest to my brides that they contact the paper that they plan to run the announcements in and find out their specific requirements.  Many papers now have web sites that list the information and even have forms that can be downloaded.
Usually, an engagement announcement can be submitted any time after the engagement occurs, though I suggest that it be about 6 months or less before the wedding.  However, if it is sent too close to the wedding date, the couple run the risk of the paper not having room to print it before the wedding.  Most papers have a time limit on the length of time after a wedding that they will accept a wedding announcement.  My local paper has a 3 month limit, though I occasionally see one that occurred earlier.


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