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Exchanging Wedding Vows

Do you have any ideas for a reading for our 12 year old son?

Guidelines to writing your wedding vows
How to write an Outline of your vows
  I am looking for a reading for my 11 year old son to read during our ceremony.  Some people have suggested readings from Pooh, Charlotte's Web or The Little Prince.  Can you help me with specific passages that might work? 
  I wanted to find a reading I heard at a friends wedding- but I was unsure of the actual title. I know it is about "hands". It is a bride reading to a groom I believe.
Is there a way to exchange vows without a minister and it would be legal? if so where can I get more information on it?
My Fiancé and I each have a young daughter from previous marriages and we would love to include them in our vows
My niece is getting married and asked me to read something at her wedding.  She has a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship and I wanted a reading that incorporates her daughter into it.  Any suggestions?
Outline of a wedding ceremony
Statements to use in creating your own personal wedding vows
Traditional Lutheran Wedding Vows
Vocabulary words to use in personal vows
See Also: Biblical Readings
See Also: Ceremony Vow Examples (Pre written Vows)
See Also: Personalized Wedding Vows Submitted by our readers
See Also: Religious and Closing Prayers
See Also: Religious Vows
See Also: Specialized Passages
See Also: Traditional Passages
See Also: Wedding Poems
See Also: Wedding Vow Renewal Examples

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